Ministry to Orphans

In partnership with our sister organization Bulgarian Child, Inc., Ridgway Ministries has taken an active hand in delivering humanitarian aid to nearly 40 children's homes/hospices and orphanages throughout Bulgaria.  Examples of this aid include: ongoing donations of consumables such as food, diapers, and cleaning supplies; supplying blankets, clothing and mattress; replacing broken refrigerators and washing machines and often providing a home's first dryer; coordinating volunteer teams for construction (remodeling) and educational purposes (VBS or simply loving the children); and, finally, major remodeling projects such as installing indoor toilets and showers or replacing dilapidated dining facilities.

  There is certainly a tremendous need in this regard, as by some estimates there are as many as 30,000 institutionalized children in Bulgaria, a country of less than 8 million.  Government monies directed towards the homes are inadequate at best, often insufficient even for basic necessities such as food and electricity, to say nothing of clothing, medical care, and facility maintenance.  Many homes even lack such basic facilities as indoor toilets, working showers, washing machines, and kitchen equipment.  The need is truly overwhelming, but with your help we hope to make a difference.


For a more in-depth look at what we are doing to help the orphanage situation in Bulgaria, please visit the website of our sister organization, Bulgarian Child, Inc.